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About Rome

Rome is a very fascinating and sprawling city. The cosmopolitan city is known for its culture on display, and globally influential art which dates back to more than 3000 years. Rome is a mix of vibrant street life and awe-inspiring art. It is an inspiring and most romantic city, and is known for its ancient icons like the Roman forum, and Colosseum. The simplest transportation that was used in Rome was the plaustrum. The vehicle mainly comprised of a flat board which was carried by four wheels.

It is a great pleasure eating out in Rome as it is a combination of superlative food and romantic alfresco settings. There are many refined restaurants in Rome where people can enjoy fine dining and have a good time. The dishes enjoyed by most people are humble pastas, crispy pizzas, and white wine. Rome built on a defendable hill is a historic city and the group of hills around this city are the Palatine Hill, Quirinal Hill, Viminal Hill, Aventine hill, Esquiline hill and the Caelian hill.

Rome is nicknamed as Eternal city and you can have a unique dining experience in some of the best restaurants in Rome. The beautiful church in Rome is the Santa Maria Maggiore which is known for its beautiful architecture.

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