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Cheap Hostels in Madrid

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About Madrid

If your trip to Europe includes Madrid, you would want to know the best way to enjoy your trip to this Spanish, more in the news internationally for the 2 top football teams Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

You can still find the old village like locales in Madrid if you did some research before you journeyed there. And as you find in many of these European cities, you will find many attractive sights around this downtown area to keep your interest alive. Palacio Real, Parque del BuenRetiro, Plaza de Lavapiés and Glorieta de Bilbao are some names you must have in your list so that you don’t miss them. You can get expert guides who speak some English also to help you appreciate the significance of what you are seeing. Some who had been to Madrid warn that you must be quite careful with your belongings while roaming around in these streets.

The Metro Madrid or the Subway is an economical and safe mode of transport in Madrid and the buses are also available to connect locations not serviced by the metro.

There are also hostels near Madrid City Centre, Atocha Train Station and Bernabeu.

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