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Cheap Hostels in Dublin
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About Dublin

Dublin- the Land of the Leprechaun’s is the capital of Ireland. The beautiful city located on the eastern coast of Ireland promises a delightful holiday. The National Museum of Ireland is very famous and it explores rich culture and Irish heritage. Science gallery is an interesting place to visit in Dublin and is very interactive. People can enjoy delicious Italian dishes in the café which are served in the gallery. There are a lot of attractions the city offers to tourists coming here and that are amazing. A huge collection of Irish culture can be seen in the National Gallery.

The Major attractions in Dublin are the Dublin Castle, National Museum of Ireland, Temple Bar, Kilmainham Gaol and Phoenix Park. Dublin is a cosmopolitan capital and visiting this destination is like taking a big breath of fresh air. You can shop at various places in Dublin and the most famous place is Grafton Street. The famous departmental stores from where you can shop for international brands is the Brown Thomas. There are various budget accommodation options available for people to stay in Dublin and save money. Young people exclusively visit the Dublin hostels as these are located in the City center. Dublin is also a popular destination for nightlife and is home to cheap accommodation.

Dublin Ireland News

  • Taiwan: Small island, big heart   24 Apr 2018 04:27 Irish Independent The undulating hills and dense forestation gave little away as to what lay in store as we made our way towards where I assumed the city lay. And then it appeared, quite literally, as we rounded a bend on the motorway, spread out in the valley below with …
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